Requirements Management

Challenges and opportunities

Professional requirements management is a critical success factor for efficient development of complex systems. This includes both requirements engineering and measures to control, monitor, and administer requirements (risk, change, and implementation management).

EVOCEAN guides customers in the improvement and in establishling requirements management and engineering pracitces. A broad and extensive experience in various sectors allows us focused and customer specific guidance. 

To respond to the today's needs for product development, simply making lists of the requirements is no longer enough. The increasing complex, dynamic and fluid situation can only be addressed with comprehensive, tool-supported Requirements Management.

EVOCEAN maintains a close cooperative relationship with best-in-class manufacturers of Requirements Management Tools. When combined with our experience in Requirements Engineering, this allows us to offer our customers sustainable, profit-enhancing solutions.

Competence Center Requirements Management

Increasing efficiency through agile requirements 

In our fast-moving world it is difficult to define all requirements for future products and services upfront. Further, driven by the integration of additional functionality and performance needs in products, the competitive environment is becoming even more dynamic. At the same time we are confronted with new technologies, customers and competitors as well as with changing standards and regulations. To cope with these challenges successfully, agility in requirements management is beneficial. We can help you!

Systematic Requirements Management for Effective Development Projects

Taking the right product to market at the right time is a decisive factor for success in today’s competitive environment. Development processes must return results fast, without compromising on quality or deviating from the requirements profile. They must further be designed to allow a fast response to changing market needs. It should also be easy to improve new products after they have been launched. The dynamics and changes cannot be handled any more effectively in Word or Excel based requirements solutions. Capturing, managing, tracking, analyzing requirements easily and in a manner that they can be communicated and tested effectively is key to success.

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